16 June 2009

Fond Farewell to Football

The Irish Mbassy football team had its final match of the season Friday, and though we lost by the minimum, good times were had by all. Now, you all know that my team is run by an Irish pub and is populated mostly by Norwegian medical students. Turns out our opponents were in the same exact situation. Our managers are good friends, and the players on both teams all have classes together. Despite playing all our games in Krakow, this friendly rivalry is considered our "derby." To celebrate the end of the season, we all (yep, both teams) went to the pub in the evening. Best of all, one of our fans took pictures!

This first one, however, is mine. Poland has a bad rap for being ugly, but Krakow can be absolutely gorgeous. This is the view I get every weekend when I walk to our home field.

(click on any of the pictures for a bigger version)

Here's the team:

The bench! At the time of photographing, anyway.

Lastly, here's a look at where out home field sits in Krakow.

View KS Nadwislan in a larger map

I'm really happy with my team. We play well, and my teammates are really nice and intelligent guys. We didn't finish with a great record, but hey, how else would you be able to look forward to next season?

To the rest of you who don't much care for soccer: you have been given a reprieve until September.


Juan said...

Jonathan- I love your life!!!

Pietro Mina said...

If I find out who nahed this im gonna gut them