12 October 2009

Interim Update

I have been pretty busy lately and at a loss for what to write, as will be explained below. My girlfriend visited recently, and we had a great time. She wrote a little about what we did here so feel free to go check out our trip to Vienna - my first trip outside Krakow that was not related to work!

Science-wise, I am super busy editing a report about the current work of the FCAL collaboration for a review committee. It has been my intention for some time to give a good explanation of the role of my particular detector, but I've refrained from doing this for two reasons. The first is that editing the report and reading the work of others, who work on detectors that perform similar or complimentary roles, has helped me gain a better understanding of how my detector fits into the big picture. The second reason is that LumiCal isn't a particularly glamorous detector - it won't be detecting new particles or extra dimensions. Instead it plays more of a "background" role, so trying to make it interesting and relevant to people is a bit of a challenge. I promise I'll give it my best shot.


費凱蒂 Katie said...

You knew I'd give you a "cool" because you linked to me!

Lauren said...


lisa randall came to minneapolis today to promote her new book/explain particle physics in an hour; it was excellent. my friend asked a question about the future of experimental technology beyond the LHC and i came to this blog to refresh my memory of what you are doing and see if you have linked to any interesting articles on the subject i can send to him. while trying to click on the word "background" i noticed the promise of a future pun. please know your fans are still waiting.

physicsly yours,

Lauren said...

p.s. looks like you had an awesome trip to vienna. i visited my sister on her study abroad trip last semester and loved it. well done going inside all of the buildings i just looked at.