06 June 2012

Update: Poland is over, on to new things!

A brief update on my status, because I'm planning on actually writing over the next few weeks and I need something to bridge the gap between posts!

My time in Poland has come to an end. I finished my MC-PAD fellowship and successfully defended my thesis, making me a Master of technical physics with a specialization in nuclear (really, particle) physics. I really loved Poland, but at the same time I'm happy to be moving on to the next step with my career.

I'm excited to say that in the fall I'll be starting the physics PhD program at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, MD! They're a top program and they made me a great offer, which came with the added bonus that I finally wouldn't be an ocean apart from my girlfriend.

In the meantime, Katie invited me to come to Ottawa with her for the summer, where she is working with the Canadian government in a US-Canadian partnership program. To stay occupied until August, I've offered my services to the Canada Museum of Science and Technology. They have given me some really cool projects to work on for the summer camps and various other events, and in return I'm learning a lot about communicating science to the public. 

This blog will hopefully document the progress of those projects (since they mostly involve building cool stuff). Look forward to pictures and video from the June 5 transit of Venus across the Sun (if you are unfortunate enough to be on my email lists, I'm sure you've heard enough from me about it already), and how to lift a video camera with balloons. That's what I'm working on now, and future projects will also be posted here.

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keith said...

Awesome congrats! Welcome back to North America!